Cargroomers Slip Stream 60 Vehicle Polish 370g Can

$27.77 (inc GST)


Slipstream 60 contains a unique blend of iconic properties designed to electrostatically bond to paint surfaces and provides lasting protection. Slipstream 60 cleans, polishes, and protects in one easy step. Slipstream 60 is suitable for use on painted surfaces, glass, fibreglass, rubber, and all non-porous surfaces. Directions for use: spray a light coating of Slipstream 60 onto the panel of the vehicle. Using a microfibre cloth, lightly wipes the treated area turning the cloth regularly and buff to a shine. Tip: Use the same microfibre cloth for reapplication as applicator will become impregnated with Slipstream 60 ensuring good, even coating. For domestic, commercial and industrial use. Sold individually: Carton Quantity: 12