Moccona Smooth Coffee Sticks


It is hard to imagine a world without coffee. When tired, it gives us a little pick me up; when running out of steam, it keeps us going; when we feel flat, it lifts our spirits; and when we feel cold, it warms us up. Coming into colder weather, now is the perfect time to stock your lunchroom with Moccona Coffee Sticks.


For the month of May we are offering a discounted price of $129 for a carton of 1000 individual coffee sticks. 

Moccona Smooth Coffee is made from 100% coffee beans and is a premium quality coffee that can be enjoyed at any time of the day. 



Moccona coffee is made from premium freeze dried coffee granules that contains natural antioxidants.

It has a mild and delightfully well rounded taste.

It comes in individual portions for your convenience.

Product Code Description 

Coffee Moccona Smooth Coffee Stick Ctn of 1000