Pulse Mop Cover




Rubberaid Pulse Mopping Kit Single Sided


Rubbermaid PULSE Mopping Kit Cleans more square feet in less time with the new Rubbermaid Pulse™. Industry-best microfiber, on-board reservoir, and user-controlled release of solution mean cleaner floors faster, easier, and more effectively.



Pulse™ mopping kit includes:
* One trigger handle with fluid reservoir
* One hygen™ 17'' quick-connect frame (FGQ56000YL00)
* Two hygen™ 18'' damp mops (FGQ41000BL00)



For the month of April we are also offering a FREE 18in dust Pad with Fringe (RFGQ41800GR00) with any Pulse Mop purchase. 



Pulse Mop

Free Dust Pad


Ergonomic trigger handle evenly dispenses three sprays of cleaner.

 Pulse Mop Features

 Pulse Mop Features

Unscrew the cap to manually refill or connect to the PULSE™ Caddy hose for automatic refills. Clean up to 850 sq ft without needing to refill. 

Quick-Connect frame works with the PULSE™ handle.

Pulse Mop Features

Pulse Mop Features


The PULSE™ Caddy fits securely within the High Security Cleaning Cart and allows users to clean up to 10,000 sq. ft., reducing the frequency of trips to the supply closet.

Pulse Mop Features

when fully loaded with cleaning solution. 


Product Code Description 
R1835528 RM Pulse Mopping Kit Single Sided
RFGQ41800GR00 RM 18in dust Pad with Fringe