Recosol Highflash Degreaser 205ltr

$988.07 (inc GST)


Multi-purpose, high flash point solvent degreaser. The high flash point and moderate aromatic content of the solvent base makes Recosol High Flash Degreaser ideal for use in automotive workshops including parts cleaning, drilling rigs and mining equipment, marine applications such as engine degreasing and bilge and farm equipment cleaning.

Features: Washes off with water. A highly refined product, less risk than using kerosene based fluids. High flash point. Non-dangerous goods regulated product for transport. Very low volatility ensures minimal evaporation loss making it ideal for part baths – but product is still combustible. A clear and bright fluid which readily emulsifies with water. Quick break degreaser. Solvency – Recosol High Flash Degreaser is formulated to provide greater degreasing power than general hydrocarbons and alternative dearomatised products. Safety – Recosol High Flash Degreaser reduces fire risk due to its high flash point.