Thorzt Orange Liquid Concentrate 600ml

$19.75 (inc GST)


THORZT is a great tasting, scientifically proven mix of cutting edge branch chain amino acids, combined with magnesium and a formulated blend of electrolytes for optimum hydration in harsh Australian conditions,and the new addition of B and C group vitamins.Designed to maintain mind and body function at a cellular level, THORZT can boost your physical and mental potential, relieve muscle pain, cramps and spasms, reduce anxiety and sleep disturbance and improve the body’s stress response.Immediate hydration; Low in sugar; Caffeine and gluten free; Proprietary electrolyte formula inc. Magnesium Proprietary blend of B and C group vitamins and essential branch chain amino acids (BCAA’s); Available in 5 delicious flavours Ice Tea Peach, Lemon Lime, Orange, Pineapple Blast and Wild Berry. Ctn Qty: 10 x 600ml bottles