Summer Hydration Specials

THORZT electrolyte drink is a great tasting Australian made sports drink, scientifically formulated to combat extreme Australian conditions.

THORZT contains the optimal mix of electrolytes, branch chain amino acids and low Gi carbohydrates for sustained energy release without the 'sugar spike'.

THORZT is gluten and caffeine free, contains about half the sugar of regular sports drinks, and features sugar free electrolyte drink options.

The THORZT Drink Range includes electrolyte powders and liquid concentrates with matching drink bottles and coolers, as well as a new hassle-free ready to drink formula.

The THORZT Sub Zero Range features a range of hydration backpacks, cooling vests & miscellaneous cooling products that assist in thermoregulation and on site heat stress management. 







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December Summer Specials


THORZT - The Sugar Free Solo Shot Mix Packs (SSSFMIX) contain 50 sugar free solo shots (10 of each flavour) with a flavour to suit every palette. Each sugar free sachet makes 600mls of electrolyte drink, just add water.

The Icy Pole Mix Packs (ICEMIX) contain 10x icy poles (2 of each flavour) with a flavour to suit every palette.


CLOROX- Urine Remover - When you have unpleasant stains and odors around the house, does your cleaner mask them with perfume? Clorox® Urine Remover actually breaks down urine to eliminate odors. And its powerful cleaner removes stains.

• Works on hard and soft surfaces including toilets, grout, mattresses and carpets


RapidClean Rapid Vac MKII Backpack - Introducing the new and improved RapidClean Rapid Vac MKII Backpack Vacuum Cleaner!This new Backpack vacuum is Powerful with its 1450 Watt Motor, Light weighing only 4.7kg and Quiet at 60 dBA.Featuring a new, modern design and a comfortable padded 3-strap harness support system you will love our new backpack!